Neurofeedback: Training Your Brain to Minimize Factors That Make Chronic Pain Worse

Chronic pain is extremely common, affecting the lives of nearly 30 million American adults. But chronic pain isn’t one single—or simple—thing. There are many factors involved in pain, particularly pain that’s complex and more difficult to treat.

Leading-edge treatment to address your pain holistically.

At Cutting Edge Integrative Pain Centers, we’re committed to providing real, lasting relief of chronic pain, including hard-to-treat pain. To be effective in this endeavor, we take a holistic approach to pain management and pain relief, considering all the factors that may be involved in your pain.

As part of this approach, our specialists use neurofeedback to address and reduce the role of depression, anxiety, insomnia and headaches in your chronic pain. We do this for simple reasons: these problems can dramatically influence pain, and neurofeedback can make a dramatic difference.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback, which is the use of electronic monitoring of body functions in order to train the patient to develop control over that function. With neurofeedback, we use electroencephalography (EEG) to display brain activity in real time to teach self-regulation of that activity.

As a neurological test measuring tiny electrical currents using electrodes, neurofeedback with EEG involves:

  • No medicines
  • No anesthesia
  • No invasive treatment
  • No hospital or surgery center
  • No side effects or downtime

How does neurofeedback work? And how does it help?

Electrodes placed on the scalp detect and measure electrical brainwave activity, which is amplified, processed and displayed by computer. We’re able to focus in on and display the specific brainwave frequencies associated with depression, anxiety, insomnia and headaches. While watching this brain activity in real time, the brain learns (with guidance) how to reach a healthier state. And it science proves that it works.

Treating your pain by following the science.

Studies show that there is strong association between pain and insomnia, anxiety and depression. We know that these problems can have a multiplicative effect on pain, and that the relationship they have with pain can be complex, adding to or prolonging pain while also being aggravated or sustained by it. Additionally, and most importantly, studies show that neurofeedback is more effective at reducing these problems’ influence on pain than the most commonly prescribed medications.

For people suffering with chronic pain, we also know that fixing the “source” of the pain doesn’t always relieve it. So, our holistic approach involves treating the pain at the source while also addressing the problems intertwined with it. To state it simply: we’re trying to fix the whole person.

Let us help you find relief with state-of-the-art care.

At Cutting Edge Integrative Pain Centers, we’ve helped many people in the Michiana region reduce their chronic pain and improve their quality of life using neurofeedback techniques. We follow the evidence and use today’s most advanced protocols to help retrain your brain and reduce and minimize the multiplicative effects of insomnia, headaches, anxiety and depression.

For more about how we treat pain using neurofeedback, or to schedule an appointment, call 574-821-4363. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.