COOLIEF® Treatment: Relieve Chronic Knee or Hip Pain Without Surgery

As part of our mission to provide relief from chronic pain for everyone in the Michiana region who needs it, we’ve added COOLIEF Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment to our cutting-edge and integrative capabilities. With COOLIEF, we’re able to provide effective relief of chronic knee or hip pain—and improved mobility—with a fast, effective, noninvasive outpatient procedure and a quick recovery time.

What is COOLIEF?

COOLIEF is a form of nerve ablation. We use its radiofrequency (RF) energy to target and heat the pain-causing sensory nerves, effectively blocking your pain. The procedure itself involves no incisions or anesthesia, instead involving only needles, local anesthetic and next-day return to normal activity.

What makes COOLIEF so effective is that it is water-cooled. While the device heats nerve tissue, the device is cooled with circulating water. This allows us to treat nerves effectively without overheating them. The result is long-lasting relief without surgery or medications, and a shorter, much easier recovery.

Get the relief you need… for up to two years!

Studies of the COOLIEF treatment have shown that it can provide people with chronic joint pain up to 24 months of relief, improved physical function and reduced use of medications. In other words, COOLIEF gives us the ability to provide significant, dramatic improvement in how you feel and, therefore, in your quality of life. For up to two whole years!

A leading-edge, highly effective alternative to joint replacement surgery.

COOLIEF isn’t the right treatment option for every type of knee or hip pain, but it is particularly helpful for certain patients. It’s ideally suited to treat osteoarthritic pain in people who are not able or ready to have joint replacement surgery.

Whether due to age, body mass or comorbidities, people ineligible for joint replacement now have a great alternative. At the same time, COOLIEF provides an excellent treatment alternative for active, healthy people who desire relief without major surgery. In addition, COOLIEF can provide effective relief for patients who have pain after joint replacement surgery.

A welcome, effective alternative with added benefits and convenience.

COOLIEF gives us a powerful, effective option for providing not just long-lasting relief from knee or hip pain but also welcome ease and convenience. You can avoid the wait time, risk, incision, scarring, hospital stay and recovery pain/time of surgery as well as the risks and effects of medication.

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